hello! i'm bee.

they/them | 19 | new zealand


i love writing, vocaloid, digital art, visual novels and learning new things!

they/them are my pronouns, but you can use she/her if you'd prefer.

i'm really into playing Wizardess Heart+. i started playing it ironically at the beginning of 2015 but now im emotionally invested in the characters. i tweet a lot especially about elias goldstein. i also really love Pacthesis' visual novels!! especially Xolga and Mr. Toko

my passion for writing, art, and visual novels, all kinda ties into my love for characters and character design. i love how art and writing broadens our horizons in the sense that we get to understand many different kinds of people and how they work. i like being able to see things from as many perspectives as possible, and i love meeting and getting to know new people. currently in my first year of studying digital art!


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