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hello! i'm bee.

they/them | 19 | new zealand


i'm bee, and i'm passionate about writing, digital art, art history & visual novels!
i'm currently a first year art student - majoring in digital art. not sure where this might take me just yet, but i'm considering going into teaching.

i've been drawing digitally for around ten years, so it's always been a big part of my life. i currently use Paint Tool Sai, FireAlpaca and Adobe Photoshop.

i am also interested in singing and voice acting, neither of which im particularly good at but i do for that sweet dopamine rush.
also i think its good to just do things for fun rather than to be a perfectionist about it sometimes.

my DM's are always open for anyone who wants to chat!
i love talking to new people but i'm not great at making conversation. writing this has really made me question my whole existence. who am i

new aroha

i'm new to stanning kpop, let alone astro -
but astro & their music just makes me so happy!

Miraculous Ladybug
fan since 2015

i love miraculous ladybug so much,
i love what it's brought to the table in terms of the characters and the 3d animation.
it's just wholesome and continues to be enjoyable.

and i've made some of my best friends because of this show!

Wizardess Heart+
fan since 2013

i've been playing wh+ since the first three routes.
haven't had time to play as much but its still one of my favourite mobile otome games.

im #1 elias goldstein girl


Above: student y1 animation project
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